car blocking driveway queens

Car Blocking Driveway

Are you wondering what to do if someone parks in your driveway? You’re in the right place that will give you the best answer. You must call the police and give them the proper information in order to get a summons on it. 

We know how frustrating this can be for the property owner because it is completely out of your control! Time is of the essence and it may seem like it is out of your control but you have options! You can sit there and complain about it or you can take massive action to get it towed by us. 

The first step is to call 311 or your local precinct – give them the information on the vehicle (make, model, year, plate, color) and give them the address where the car blocked driveway queens is and then wait 10-20 minutes for them to come ticket it. Then you have one final step and that is to call us! We make it really simple and have trucks in each neighborhood so we will come take the car that is blocking your driveway and get it towed. We are the ones you need to call and using us as your local queens towing company we will take full responsibility of dealing with the aftermath of the towed car in our yard.

People can be very inconsiderate at times especially in the great city of New York and you just need a little bit of patience to get the situation sorted out the best way possible. Simple and efficient solutions for you the property owner whether it is your house or commercial property.